Day trip to Mont Saint Michel

Day trip to Mont Saint Michel

Planning a day trip to Mont Saint Michel? Mont Saint Michel is one of the most majestic fairylands in the Europe. Located between the region of Normandy and Brittany, the Island is one of the most visited places in France. As an epitome of perfection, the sanctuary is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s actually a tiny fortified village with a population of 44 with ramparts at the bottom of the hill and an abbey at the top. This can be one of your overnight tours from Paris. You may opt to stay in Rennes or Saint Malo before your trip to the mont starts. A day visit to Mont Saint Michel will be a lifetime experience but a night stay will blow your mind. Let's discover this marvel, attractions it offers and how to get there.


What To See And Do in Mont-Saint-Michel

From Mont Tombe to Mont Saint Michel

The Island was called Mont Tombe until bishop of Avranches constructed an oratory in the honor of archangel St. Michael after having a vision. Centuries later King Philip II of France built a monastery called La Merveille that means ‘The Wonder’. The Island has survived The Hundred Years War, French War of Religion, French Revolution and the hard time under Napoleon I.

The Abbey

Abbey mont saint michel

The abbey is a fine example of the French Gothic flair architecture with Romanesque touch. Beautiful sculptures, narrow windows and the splendid monastery are a site to admire. Moreover, the panoramic view of the bay, the wide sandbanks and the lush green heightened marshes from atop the hill is jaw-dropping. Narrow and steep cobblestone streets lead to the abbey and it will be a walk to remember.

Tides decide the view

The view surrounding the Island is decided by the tides. During high tides, the island seems to float above the blue water and creates a perfect reflection. Low tides are even more interesting. It will let you explore the surroundings of the Island. Make sure to take a guide along to be safe in the sand and the marshes.

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Just remember that the car parking area is located one and a half miles away from the Island to preserve its beauty and creativity. Special shuttles called Passeurs will take you from the car parking area to the Island. The service runs from early morning to midnight. There are a number eating options and hotels on the Island offering the most famous omelettes and crepes as a speciality and much more. No need to worry about the food and a room for a night stay. You will have to plan in advance as you will always find a flood of people visiting the joyous place.

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