Things to do in Grand Est



Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, also called the Grand Est region, is a merger of three former regions. Grand Est has some of the most exquisite architectural marvels of France, quaint medieval towns and some beautiful natural attractions. Some major cities of Grand Est include Strasbourg, Metz, Reims, Nancy and Troyes. Let’s dive into the details of this beautiful region.



Grand Est: History and Art


Reims Cathedral

Being a blend of the three former regions, Grand Est has a wide variety of historical and architectural masterpieces. The first and the essential historical masterpieces of the Grand Est is the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Reims. The cathedral hosted the coronation of 25 kings of France and encompassed the former Abbey of Saint-Rémi and the archiepiscopal Tau Palace.

Another remarkable and magnificent place depicting the history and architectural superiority is the Palace Royale. The statue of King Louis XV stands tall with grace and elegance even after facing destruction during the revolution. Musée des Beaux-Arts holds public collections from the 1790s to date. It is now one of the largest museums of France and Europe, having fabulous public collections, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and monuments.

Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg, the tallest building in the world until 1874, is a must-visit to admire the beautiful architecture and the astounding stonework. Don’t forget about the Metz cathedral famous for the beautiful stained glass work. Next is the lovely town of La Petite with its quaint cobblestone streets and beautiful timber-framed houses.

Castle Haut Kœnigsbourg
Haut-Kœnigsbourg Castle

Pont Couvert, a set of three bridges constructed as the city’s original line of ramparts, will grab your attention while you are in Strasbourg. Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg is another major tourist attraction for its splendid architecture and beautiful location. Palais Rohan is a medieval erection housing three museums displaying art from the old times.

Place Stanislas, a large beautiful pedestrian square in Nancy equipped with some extraordinary architectural structures such as the Place de la Carrière, and the Place dalliance. Some other attractions include the Museum of La Cour d'Or, Porte des Allemands and New Temple, Metz.

Grand Est: Natural attraction

Vosges Colmar

The region of the Grand Est has some beautiful natural attractions that cannot be missed. The first one is Lake Der-Chantecoq. It is the largest artificial lake in France, providing extensive water sports events. Lac de Gérardmer is a beautiful glacial lake in the Vosges, offering an excellent chance to recharge your soul. The national park of Lorraine is pure beauty and the perfect Place for some peaceful family time. Lac de Madine is another beautiful lake offering exceptional scenery. Other natural sites worth visiting in this region are the Rangen vineyard, Nideck and the Le Hohwald waterfall, Le Lac des Corbeaux. Don’t forget to take a tour of the Black Forest a few miles from Strasbourg.

Grand Est Cuisine

Reims winery
Reims winery

For all those who love to celebrate their happiness with food, kitchens of the Grand Est produce the right food to rejoice your experience here in France. If you also have a taste for pork and vegetables and fruits, you must take out some time to visit the Grand Est region. Every corner of this regions spreads the aroma of delicious food paired with world-class French wine. Some of the must-try dishes from the Grand Est are the Quiche Lorraine, and damson tartlets, noix de jambon, pork trotters, Andouillette, Reims ham and champagne-seasoned pork shoulder should not be missed.

Explore Grand Est region: Best cities and sightseeings

  1. Strasbourg
  2. Colmar
  3. Reims
  4. Epernay
  5. Nancy
  6. Mulhouse
  7. Troyes
  8. Metz