VTC Private driver in France


France Daytrip is a French company with a vision to make your traveling experience in France an amazing one by providing you the best travel service that you can remember all your life. Among our various services that we provide, VTC drivers is an exceptional service that is brought to tourists from across the globe for making their trip worthwhile. Here's everything you need to know about VTC driver from France Daytrip and how availing this private driver service can turn your trip around for the better.


What is VTC?

VTC in the French language is Vehicule de Tourisme avec Chauffeur, which means "Tourist Vehicle with Driver." VTC service or VTC driver makes it easy for you to travel within a country and explore its beautiful places and destinations with ease and comfort. Our VTC drivers are professionals who know all the locations, the local language, and English to make your travel experience comfortable and fun. All you have to do is visit France Daytrip, set your itinerary for your visit, and let us know if you need a private driver in France. We will send you our best tourist vehicle and a driver who will arrive on time to take you around the city according to your set itinerary.


History of VTC

History VTC grande remise

VTC or as the French call it “La Grande Remise” originated before the french revolution at around seventeenth century when the name “delivery car” became popular as the drivers parked their carriages around the Louver and Versailles Palace awaiting for their masters with different discount rates decided on the basis of the status of masters. Around the same time, a man named Nicolas Sauvage initiated the first carriage service rented by hours or a day. Others also followed him. In 1676, King Louis XIV attempted to centralize the carriage services by leashing the carriages at debated prices to different contractors. The attempt was, however, not successful.

As time passed by, cabs and delivery carriages increased on roads. Around 1855, to improve the traffic issues and carriage services, the ruling emperor Napoleon II passed a law by handling all the local car services to a company named the imperial company of cars in Paris. Within two years, all the cars were under the control of this company except few.

With time, around 1955 to 2009, the concept of little and great discount originated that allowed parties to enjoy rides as per specific set protocols. By the end of 2009, there were 425 grande remise companies all around France.

With an increase in tourism in France, the profession of grande remise also excelled. The acronym VTC became popular from 2010 to 2014, offering tourist car service with the driver. Still, it has to be registered on the register of operators of tourist cars as per the ministry of tourism. Since then, this profession has progressed a lot, with more than 7000 VTC companies operating in France.

VTC is also known as transport cars with drivers, the name is evolving with time, and the services have evolved too. It has become easy to go places as you just need to book a private car with a driver, and you are set to go.


VTC private driver service

France day trip is the best VTC Company to choose if you wish to explore the beauty of France. We provide you door to door service in which the well trained and well-behaved driver picks you up in the vehicle of your choice from your hotel and drops you to the location you want to visit. You can easily travel within the city as well as to other cities without any hassle just by booking a ride. The driver will pick you from the hotel or the airport just as you decide and as per your ease. You can even explore the whole city with our french driver, who is usually a local and well-acquainted with the city and all its hidden gems.


VTC driver

VTC driver license
VTC driver licence

Our private drivers are mostly the residents that provide you the private driving service. Our team of professional drivers is fluent in speaking English, along with their mother language that makes it easy for customers from all around the world to communicate easily. The VTC drivers at our company "France daytrip" are experts in driving and easily drive to all challenging locations of France so that you can explore every corner of the country without any difficulty. It is their duty to make your travel all around France easy, comfortable, and smooth.

We are delighted that thousands of people that come to visit France each year choose France Daytrip as their door-to-door services provider as we are the most reliable company with stellar reviews. So, go ahead and use our platform to bring you the ultimate travel experience while exploring France with our expert local drivers in France.

Driver in France

Driver in France

Are you planning to visit France with your loved once and thinking about what is the best mode of transportation to explore it? Then just visit France daytrip website and book yourself a private car. You would have options to choose the car that suits your needs, your luggage, and the number of family members you have.

Our private car service ensures to provide you with the best vehicle that is clean, tidy, and environment friendly. The vehicle is well serviced and approved by the ministry responsible for transportation. All this is done to make sure that our customers enjoy the most comfortable ride to the different locations and choose us again and again as their traveling partner.

We are available around the clock and you can visit the homepage and can contact us on our website, or email us at contact@francedaytrip.com or call us at the contact number +33665756855 to directly talk to us for all your queries and bookings.

With a VTC, you make your traveling stress free. Not only this but hiring a tourist vehicle with a private driver in France has many other benefits as well. Let us review the other benefits of booking a private driver and a car while traveling.



In short, rather than using buses and trains, go for VTC via France Daytrip, and we assure you of our best travel service at the best possible rates.

With our well-serviced vehicles that guarantee smooth driving on roads and well-behaved drivers that are friendly, we assure you that you won't regret hiring us for your tour to France. We provide answers to all your queries so that you can easily choose us as your traveling partners.

Whether it is a single day trip or a weekly trip, you can trust us. So if you visit France or any of your friends or family plan to visit our beautiful country, let them know that France day trip is ready with its service to take you to every location in your wish list. Rely on the tourist vehicle with a private driver so that you can comfortably drive around the places and explore the mesmerizing beauty of France.