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Reims is one of the most populous North Eastern French city containing a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tourists seeking historical monuments will have a lot to see in Reims. If you are a wine lover, you must stop by Reims to admire the uncountable champagne houses that will give you a blast of fun and happiness. Here are just a few things to do and see if you are in Reims.


Reims cathedral

The first and the most visited place in the city of Reims is the cathedrale Notre Dame de Reims. Enriched with the historical events and having hosted the coronation of 25 kings of France, the cathedral is an artistic masterpiece depicting elegant stonework sculpture. Reims cathedral is a UNESCO heritage site encompassing the former Abbey of Saint-Rémi and the archiepiscopal Tau Palace. The chapel has a unified appearance with 5 chapels inside making it a compact artistic piece of the French High gothic period. The cathedral standing today is the work of four different architects carried out in the time span of 80 years. This is certainly a must visit.


Palace De Tau


Time transformed the Palace of Tau from the residence of archbishop to court during the French Revolution and finally to a museum displaying the treasures of the cathedral. The Palace exhibits sculpture, tapestries and monuments from centuries ago. You can also admire the historical objects from the last coronation of the French King Charles X.


Villa Demoiselle


Designed and decorated initially by Louis Sorel in 1909, the Villa Demoiselle underwent architectural changes now illustrating stained glass windows, exquisite furniture, paintings and chandeliers. The Villa Demoiselle is a remarkable Champagne architectural heritage. To admire the unique taste of sophistication, visit the villa and step into history without a time machine.


Halles du Boulingrin


This place symbolizes life and the spirit of the French for emerging out of the destruction during the World War 1. It began as a food market in the 1929s. After an extensive architectural restoration in 2012, Halles du Boulingrin now is a splendid venue for exhibitions and cultural events. This food market is a lively and amazing place for hanging out and have some fresh air with a site to see.


Drouet d’Erlon


Taking its name after the Jean-Baptiste Drouet d’Erlon, a general serving Napoléon Bonaparte Erlon Square is a pedestrian square forming a splendid location for outdoor events and christmax market. The Sube fountain is one of the major attractions of the Erlon square. The 17 meters high fountains is a prime symbol of Reims enclosing a woman draped in a cloth. If you want to have a splendid outdoor experience full of life and joy, this is the right place.


Champagne houses


If you just visited the whole Reims and did not go to the Champagne houses, you will have a lot less to brag about. You have so many options to choose from. You can be very indecisive while choosing a venue to make your evening memorable. Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, Tattinger, Ruinart, Pommery, Lanson Drappier and Mumm are a few names that can give an wonderful Champagne experience. The largest and the most stunning champagne house in the Reims in the Pommery. With 120 quarries, this champagne house stores up to 25 million bottles.


Musee Automobile Reims Champagne


Now that we have seen a lot of architectural masterpieces, let’s take a look at the car museum that has more than 230 antique cars. It has some limited addition automobiles and some of them are the last of their kind. Not interested in cars? No problem. There is extensive range of bikes at display. If you want to explore the history of bikes, this is the right place. The museum also has 5000 miniatures and toy cars.


Place Royale


Another remarkable and magnificent place depicting the history and the architectural superiority is the Palace Royale. Everything about this palace is superlative and admirable. The statue of King Louis XV stands tall with grace and elegance even after facing destruction during the revolution. It’s a must visit place for any tourist seeking architectural tranquility.


Carnegie Library


Carnegie library is a symbol of elegance enriching the history of French monument. Named after an American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the library has won several awards for its design and architecture. The overall design of the building is quite unusual making it different from the other historical sculpture. The entrance, the walls and the inner structure of the library reflects philosophy, history and poetic theme. The Carnegie library is a temple purely devoted to knowledge containing almost 400,000 books. The moto of the library is flowers lead to fruit. If you are a book lover, the library welcomes you.


Foujita Chapel


The Chapel of lady queen of peace is another historic monument of France. Designed by Tsuguharu Foujita, the Chapel was built in 1966. The inside of the Chapel is a display of splendid artwork which is great attraction for the tourists. The stained glass windows, iron work, frescos and the sculptures make the Chapel a religious as well as an artistic sight.


Musee des Beaux-Arts


Created soon after the French Revolution, the Musée des Beaux-Arts is hold public collections from 1790s to date. It is now one of the largest museums of France and Europe having marvelous public collections including paintings, drawings, sculptures and monuments. The artistic collection ranges from luxurious Italian Publications to anthological masterpieces and impressionist assortment.


Basilique saint remi


Another notable UNESCO heritage standing with elegance and style is and is the BASILIQUE SAINT-REMI. This Romanesque Benedictine monastery got its final shape during the Gothic period. It was made into a church during the French Revolution. After undergoing all such transformations, this tomb of Saint Remi was finally inaugurated in in 2000 containing a collection of 12th century stained-glass windows and the great Cattiaux organ.


Final Thoughts


Exploring the history makes you imagine the tiny place you occupy in the world. Reims is the city that will excite the wanderer in you. Once you are here, the history, art, architecture and the sculpture present all around the Reims will give you an amazing experience.


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