Brittany Region


Things to do in Brittany

Located in the western France, Brittany is one of the most diverse regions of the country. Stretching along the Celtic sea, Brittany offers splendid tourist attractions such as landscapes, beaches, cliffs, medieval towns and much more. It is the land of fairy tales and legends. Nobody gets bored in Brittany because it has always something new to offer. You can enjoy diving, riding, sailing and dancing and when you want to relax, there are several peaceful and calm locations ideal for a walk or places where you can just sit and admire how blissful life is.

Some of the major areas of Brittany are Rennes, Saint Malo, Quimper, Vannes, Lorient and Carnac etc.

Here are a few things to do and see in Brittany:

Brittany Coasts

Day trip to Brittany coast


The coastal area and the beaches of Brittany can prove to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Saint Malo is the ancient city of pirates that attracts the tourists with its granite ramparts and the pink granite coasts. The beaches, moors and the clifftops of the Emerald coast are a sight of the heaven.

Ile de Groix, Ile de Brehat, Glenan Archipelago, Ile d’Ouessant and Belle-ile en Mer are few of the stupendous beaches in Brittany.

Morbihan beaches are a perfect family holiday destination. The beach of Carnac, Quiberon, and Lorient are the best beaches in the world. A walk along these beaches will be a memory to cherish for a long time.

Brittany: History and the Legends

Brittany quimper architecture
City of Quimper


With a strong religious tradition, Brittany is represented by historically prominent cathedrals such as the Cathedral Saint-Corentin, Saint-Brieuc Cathedral, Cathedral Saint Corentin, Saint Barbe and many more. If you are an admirer of the medieval religious architecture, Cathedral of Saint Pierre in Vannes and Maritime Chapel of Beauport are a must visit.

You can step into Fougeres Castle and experience the link between the historic heritage and the legend of King Arthur.

The museum of Fine Arts in Pont-Aven is a home to the artistic masterpieces on Brittany.

Brittany: Land of Festivals

Summers brings joy and delight to the western France. A huge variety of traditional festivals are celebrated in Brittany every year. Fest-noz is celebrated with live music and group dances and it can be one of the greatest musical experiences for you. Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient, Festival Circonova, Festival Mythos, Art rock and Astropolis are just a few examples of the celebrations carried out in Brittany.

If you are a sailor at heart, Festival Entonnants Voyageurs and Route du Rhum (race of the yachts) are for you. Festival Entonnants Voyageurs is for the literature and discoveries lovers. The cinematographic programs and exhibitions invites us all to take a deep dive into the world literature.

Final Thoughts

So here are few reasons why one should visit Brittany. If you love beaches, coasts and cliffs the Western France waits for you.

  1. The shallow clear waters and the solitude of the peaceful beaches
  2. Historical and artistic cathedrals with associated legends. 
  3. A long list of fun and entertaining festivals of art music and dance.