Day trip to Epernay

If you plan a day trip to Epernay you are in the right place. Northern France houses one of the most wanted cities in the world. Located 130km from Paris, Epernay is the champagne capital of the world. The city is cool above the earth and cooler beneath the soil with miles and mile of champagne cellars. With a rich history, engaging architecture and splendid champagne tasting opportunities, Epernay is in the travel list of all true wanderers.

Epernay Cathedral

What to see and do in Epernay



As soon as you enter Epernay, rush to the Avenue de Champagne. This is your starting point. You will find exquisite architecture in the form of mansions and champagne houses like Perrier-Jouet. Don’t forget to feel the vibes of the maturing champagne beneath your feet in the quite dark tunnels.

Famous Champagne Brands

Epernay offers some world class champagne brands. On the top is the Champagne Mercier. With 18 km long and cool cellars, you will have to take a mini train to take a tour of the finest champagne in making. Then we have the Moët et Chandon, the 150-year-old champagne brand producing the liquid gold. Another champagne producing tycoon is the De Castellane with miles and miles of cellars maturing under the busy city.

Hotel de Ville

Stop by Hotel de Ville at the western end of the Champagne avenue and take some time to admire the beautiful mansion donated by the Auban- Moet family. The original building was destroyed in World War II. The formal flower beds, pavilion and the beautiful rockery are an architectural masterpiece awaiting admiration.

Chateau Perrier

Chateau Perrier is enthused by the Louis XIII renaissance structural design and built in the 19th century. The Chateau was built to be the house of Charles Perrier, the mayor of Epernay. However, the mansion was used for military purposes in World War 2. It is now a museum with a huge volume of documents on champagne making and archaeological history.

Theatre Gabrielle Dorziat

Built-in the 19th century, the theatre survived the bombing in the world war 1. The theatre showcases Drama, classical and jazz music and dance by various artists around the world. The theatre is named on the famous artist Gabrielle Dorizat.

Ruins of Abbey of Saint Martha

This is the oldest monument in the city of Epernay. The remnants of the abbey shows some quality stonework in the form of animals. The most popular among the animals is the salamander, the emblem of King Francis I. It shows that the Abbey of Saint Martha was built in his time during the 16th century.

Champagne Tasting


Epernay Champagne taste

The city of Epernay has more than 300 most wanted locations for a champagne tasting. Michel Genet, Berger and Comtes Lyford are just a few places awaiting your visit. Epernay and Reims together are the best duo for quenching your thirst for the world-class champagne and wine.

Abbey Saint Pierre d'Hautvillers

Situated in the village of Hautvillers, the Abbey of Saint Pierre has the tomb of Benedictine Monk Dom Perignon. In the beginning wines bottles used to explode as a result of re-fermentation especially in the warmer seasons. He was the genius to come up with the solution for bursting sparkling wine bottles.

Jarden Botanique de la Presle

The 20 years old Bontanique garden started as a private nursery before becoming a horticulturist’s dream. It contains numerous ornamental plants and offers amazing scenic beauty. Get ready to experience the fragrance of 500 variety of roses.

Chateau de Conde

Another beautiful mansion on the champagne route is the Chateau de Conde. The castle was built centuries ago while the two cylindrical gatehouses were constructed in the 16th century. The tinted walls and ceilings along with the extravagant furniture make it a must-visit.

Day trip to Epernay and sighteeing tours

Not too far from Paris, Epernay can prove to be the best travelling experiment for all champagne lover around the world. All our day trips to Epernay: