Car service from Paris to Chinon

Booking a private transfer is the best way to get from Paris to Chinon. The average travel time from Paris to Chinon by car is 3 hours. You can select lot of options for your journey. Every sightseeing is on your route and includes recommended hours of stoppage. You will be able to ask for additional time in the next step.

Palace of Versailles - Visiting the castle

The castle of Louis XIV, le Roi soleil. This splendid palace was built in the mid-17th century during his reign. In 1682, it became the residence of the court of France. This is an opulent symbol of power, art and architecture.


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Orleans - Things to do

The city of Orleans is settled around the Loire river offering pleasant attractions such as boulevards, half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and Romanesque architecture. Orleans is associated with the Famous Joan d'Arc, who helped Charles VII in defeating the English and liberating Orleans.


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Paris | Chinon

Day trip from Paris to Chinon
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