Day trip to Versailles: Visiting the Chateau

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most beautiful places that you should visit. This is an opulent symbol of power, art and architecture. King Louis XIV built it in the 17th century to reflect upon his power and authority. Till time it is ranked as the most visited place over here. It was made to dazzle at the time of complete monarchy. This magnificent architectural structure was a representation of power and strength of Louis XIV.


You would be left awe struck after seeing its majestic entrance, epic interior and magnificent reception halls. One of the best things in the palace to admire is the hall of mirrors. The sunlight striking at the 300 mirror pieces in the hall creates a sparkling effect. Not only this you should not leave without looking at the King and Queen’s Grand Apartments. The visit is incomplete without admiring the gardens of the palace that offers beautifully trimmed shrubs, pools statues and pathways for strolling. The Sun King made sure that everything about the palace is grand and celebrates the king. Located 10 miles from Paris, the Palace of Versailles is famous for its architecture, gardens and historical importance. Here some tips to visit the palace of versailles.

The Gardens of Versailles


Gardens of Versailles

Covering 800 hectares of land, the gardens of Versailles are a dazzling sight filled with finely carved sculptures, lush lawns and fountains. The gardens were enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1979. During summers, visitors can enjoy the water show where the water is thrown into the air in beautiful patterns.

Hall of Mirrors


Hall of Mirrors

Inside the palace, the hall of mirrors is the most famous and the most well-decorated room. A gold and crystal combination is made by using more than 350 mirrors places around the room. The room was a central meeting area between the King’s and the Queen’s apartment. If you want to avoid the crowd it is better to plan a visit to the Palace early in the morning.

The Royal Chapel


The Royal Chapel was built at the end of the 17th century. The chapel offers a splendid display of art and architecture. The floor of the chapel is lined with colourful marble and the walls are covered with excellent paintings. Everything in the chapel speaks for the skills of its designer.

Cathedral of Versailles


The Versailles cathedral was built by Louis XV as a Parish church in the 18th century right in front of the Palace of Versailles. By the mid of the century, the church was converted into a Baroque-style cathedral. Being the French National monument, the cathedral homes some very interesting paintings that exhibit important periods of history.

Royal Opera of Versailles


The Royal Opera of Versailles serves the most beautiful combination of music, dance and embellishment. More than 1200 audience can enjoy different forms of arts such as ballet, classical and orchestral opera. The Royal Opera is mainly made of wood and houses extraordinary chandeliers and ornamentals that create a perfect view with the ongoing entertainment programs.

Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon


The Grand Trianon was the King’s escape from the strict routine and rituals of the court. He enjoyed informal meals and drinks here, away from the strict protocols of being the King of French. The Petit Trianon was being used as a guest house for the most important guests of the country until recently.

The orangery


The Orangery is a beautiful place where the grass is carved into neat patterns creating a perfect view from above. The Orangery is surrounded by the grand structure of the palace. The whole view is a splendid sight.

The Grand Canal


The Grand Canal was one of the favourite places of the Sun King as he used to imagine being in Venice while he was in one of the brightly painted gondolas. The canal is one-mile-long and surrounded beautiful green patch and finely trimmed trees. It is an excellent location for a family picnic.

Day trip to Versailles


The Palace of Versailles is the symbol of honour and pride for the French. It is an ideal location for a day excursion trip from Paris. If you want to visit this place, France Day Trip has launched its sightseeing car service for this area. The service is best among all other services in the region. In this place, we offer flexible car timings so that maximum visitors can come here.

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