Things to do in Amboise France for the Day

Things to do in Amboise France

Amboise, the resting place of the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci sits on the southern part of the Loire Valley. Situated between Tours and Blois, the city contains historically and architecturally significant monuments of France. Amboise is a classic small city of France and you will fall in love the beautiful small details of the city and it surroundings. Let's take a look at a few things you can do and explore in the medieval town of Amboise in France if you are planning a day trip.

What to do in Amboise


Chateau d'Amboise

Chateau Amboise

Chateau d'Amboise is one of the most prominent Loire valley castle. Built-in the 15th century for King Charles II, the chateau has beautifully tailored gardens and terraces in the surrounding. The impressive gothic and renaissance style, stone statues, domed ceilings, and stained glass windows are a sight to see. Prominent from afar, the chateau and its surroundings are even more striking with the spanning Loire river. Within the chateau, we have the St Hubert's chapel. A depiction of the late gothic architecture, the chapel stands tall since the 19th century.

Chateau du Clos Luce

The Chateau du Clos Luce situated right outside the main center of the city is famous for hosting the legendary Leonardo da Vinci for three years until his death. Apart from this, red bricks of the house and rooms furnished with old furniture also attract the tourists.

Royal Domaine of Chateau Gaillard

Another small but architecturally magnetizing castle lies close to the Clos-Luce. King Charles III built it after his visit from Italy. That is why you can see the Italian touch in the décor of the Royal domaine of Chateau Gaillard. Renaissance style gardens outside the royal chateau are restored to its original shale as it was in the old times.

Sunday Food Market

The Sunday food market of Amboise has about 200-300 stalls offering various delicious food and souvenirs that will enclose all your memories. You can find fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, clothing cutlery, jewelry, and whatnot. Don't miss the hassle of the market if you are there on a beautiful Sunday.

Château de Chenonceau

Chateau de Chenonceau

If you travel a few miles from Amboise, you will find another majestic castle, Château de Chenonceau. With a touch of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, the castle creates a spectacular sight with the river Cher. Almost all of the castle is built on a bridge which makes it different and desirable. You can expect to see a huge number of visitors around the year.

Mini Chateaux Land

Loire valley is the land of castles of historical structures. Mini Chateaux land is very close to Amboise and it displays mini versions of almost all historically significant castles in the Loire valley. The park is especially attractive to the kids as they can choose their favorite costumes and roam around the park, pretending to be Princesses or horsemen.

Day trip to Amboise and sighteeing tours

The architecturally rich châteaux, landscapes, and the historical monuments of Amboise in France are awaiting your visit. Plan an excursion now, and get on your feet.

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