Metz in France Guide: The Best Things To Do

Metz is the centre of the Grand Est region of France. For more than 2000 years, the city remained the administrative capital of the Kingdoms of Austrasia. Metz in France lives up to its title of the 'City of History and Art' with its Jaumont limestone buildings inspired by the gothic culture. The city not only preserves the history but also fulfils the requirements of a modern city with beautiful parks, busy shopping centres, sidewalk cafes, and boutiques. So here are the top things to do in Metz.

Metz in France


Metz Cathedral

Metz Cathedral

Metz Cathedral, famously known as the 'Lord's Lantern' is a 42-meter-tall building constructed in 300 years. Six thousand five hundred square meters of stained glass make the cathedral an overwhelming sight. Sunlight entering the windows thorough the stained windows create a majestic effect. The temple of Saint Etienne is a massive attraction in the city of small cobblestone streets, elegant mansions, and pleasant squares. The Cathedral of Saint-Etienne is one of the best things to see in Metz.


Centre-Pompidou Metz

The modern museum of Centre-Pompidou Metz was opened a decade ago, containing more than 100,000 artistic pieces from the National Museum of Modern Art. A Chinese bamboo hat inspires the structure of the building. The building is situated between two beautiful gardens. The inside and outside of the museum are equally amusing.


La Cour d'Or Museum

The historic La Cour d'Or museum takes its name after the Palace of the kings of Austrasia. It has a classified collection of history, Medieval art, and Gallo-Roman archaeology. In the museum, you will find ancient equipment, religious relics, tombs, paintings, and treasures of the old times. The museum depicts the Gallo-Roman past of the city of Metz.


Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains

Dating back into the history of time, Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains is the oldest church in France. Before becoming a worshipping place, the church used to be a palestra where the boxers and wrestlers were trained for fights. After undergoing many disruptions, the church is finally an exhibition hall.


Eglise Saint-Maximin

Eglise Saint-Maximin is a historic church dating back to the 12th century. The exterior of the church is simple, but the scene changes as soon as you enter it. Twenty-four beautiful stained glass windows designed by Jean Cocteau give a glowing look to the sanctuary. The windows are painted with flowers, leaves and doves, an uncommon sight in the churches.


Temple Neuf

Situated in the middle of the Jardin d'Amour, Temple Neuf is a century-old church reflecting the Romanesque style of architecture. Standing tall between the two arms of the river Moselle, the church is an exquisite sight. It is used for cultural events and expositions.


Porte des Allemands

Porte des Allemands is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city of Metz. The ancient building seems like a strong castle from afar. Standing on the Seille River, Porte des Allemands is now a walking area surrounded by beautiful cobblestone streets, churches, and locally owned boutiques.


Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole

This opera house is the oldest theater in the country. Built in the 18th century, the Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole showcases dance, music, opera, and theater performances. The theater is most famous for the shows of classical opera.


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