Day trip to Monet's garden

Planning a day trip to Claude Monet's Garden? If you want to visit this beautifull place you will may need a car service. In this article we will introduce you to Monet garden and how to get there.


Why visit Monet's garden?


Painters usually see the scenic beauty and portray it on their canvas. Claude Monet however, played splendidly with the natural colors by acquiring a piece of land in the Clos Normand. Making full use of his creativity he diverted an arm of the river to create a pond now called the Jardin d’eau. To beautify the scenery even more, he built a Japanese bridge (Pont Japonais) but painted it green to create a difference. The refection of the green bridge, colorful ornamentals, white clouds and the blue sky is certainly not something you would want to miss. Maples, bamboo, Japanese peonies, willow trees, the admirable water lilies, metal archways will give you a majestic experience.

Monet Garden water lilies

That’s not it.

Claud Monet’s house is another artistic piece you don’t want to overlook when you come to France. The Painter of light spent 43 years of his life in this long-winded pastel pink house surrounded by the flower-filled water garden. The blue sitting room, kitchen, artist’s studio and private apartments are worth visiting. The two floored building reflects the presence of an artist by the color schemes and the interior. The ground floor consists of the blue sitting room, pantry, the studio sitting room, dining room and the kitchen. The first floor has private apartments. After undergoing a scenographic reconstitution in 2013, Monet’s bedroom now contains his masterpieces and reproductions of painting by his friends. If you are already inspired by Monet’s work, get ready to have a blast of his artistic creations the Monet’s garden and house.

monet house

How to get to Monet garden?


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If you want to plan a day trip from Paris, Claude monet's garden in Giverny is an ideal option. However, the site remains closed from November to Easter.

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