Things to do and see in Bayeux for the day

Things to do in Bayeux

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Do you want to know about the first major town that has been secured during the Operation Overload? If yes, then this article is for you because we are going to introduce you the Bayeux that is a commune located in the Northwestern France. It is located in the Calvados department in Normandy in France. It is also called as the sub prefecture of the Calvados. Now may you be thinking that what to see in this city and why using cars for tours generally and why France Day Trip particularly? It is because France Day Trip simply delightens you. Let me tell you the most beautiful places to visit and things to do in Bayeux.


Bayeux Tapestry Museum



The beauty of this awesome tourist place will grab your eyes when you will enter over there. It presents an engrossed story of the conquest of England by William in 1066. It has been constructed in 70 meters long embroidery and visitors provide full audio-video guidance about its history in different languages.


Notre-Dame Cathedral



It is another very beautiful religious building that you should visit. Also called as a gem of the Norman architecture, it’s a very beautiful and magnificent monument that indicates the Gothic architecture. The outer magnificent glass windows of this museum are beyond the description of the words. Our outclass car service will help you visit this amazing place.


Bayeux War Cemetery



It is a place where soldiers have been died who have lost their lives during the fight Nazism. It is a beautiful memorial place that you should visit. It is also called as the battlefield of the British military during the civil way and graveyard of 4,648 soldiers. It's located in the immediate vicinity of the city and our car service at affordable rate is available for this historical place’s visit.


The Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy



It is a very famous museum in this city. It is memorial museum of the Battle of Normandy. The inner beauty of the museum grabs the attention as the pictorial gallery presents a horrible but important picture. This museum presents all military operation that took place in the Norman sale in 1994.


Baron Gerard Museum of Art and History



As the name of this place indicates, it is the most beautiful museum in this city that you must visit. The museum consists of cultural representation and heritage of the nation. Our professional and English speaking drivers will bring to this place.


Reporters Memorial



This is another very beautiful and elegant place that you can visit by using for fascinating car service. Unlike it name, it is not a museum, it is garden of remembrance and memorial. The war graves are located opposite to the Battle of Normandy museum . It reminds the dangers that journalists once faced as the five famous journalists were killed here in East Timor in 1975.


Botanical Garden



It is another amazing place that you can visit while coming in this city. The garden has been decorated in ancient style and the floral arrangement of all popular flower species hypnotizes the visitors for some time. Located in the heart of the city, it is a beautiful park where people come to walk or to visit. You can use our wonderful car service if you want to visit this place.


Ardennes Abbey


It is another very beautiful place that you must visit. It I basically a moving place that represents the history of Canadians. It indicates the massacre that occurred during the battle of Normandy. This place presents the history of the 20 soldiers who was killed during the war. It is now called as the memorial institute of contemporary publishing and is a peaceful and magnificent place that can be visited freely.


Saint-Patrice Church in Bayeux



It is absolutely a wonderful place to visit in this city. It has been named after the famous king Patricious. It was the sixth Bishop of Bayeux in the 5th century. He was born in the suburbs of the present day district Saint-Patrice and after the death of this parent, all his wealth and belongings were snatched by clergy and he transformed his poor and old house into a church. This church is ranked as the one of the most visited place in the city.


Le Saumonier (Salmon smoke house)


This small and traditional smoke house is an ideal real smoked salmon house. The construction and services of this smoke house are awesome and it is also one of the most visited places in this city. Our affordable car services are available for you to bring you to this beautiful place.


Activities to do in Bayeux


Just like any other place, there are so many activities that you can do in this city. These activities include day trips, cultural and heritage trips, sights and landmarks, theme tours, cultural tours, tour to Normandy beaches and specific theme activities as well.


Book a day trip to Bayeux


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