Day Trip to Chantilly: Visiting the Chateau

Sitting in the north of Paris, Chateau de Chantilly is just another fairy tale castle surrounded by 7800 hectors of immense beauty and serenity. The artificial lake, astounding gardens, and the most magnetizing collection of paintings make the villa a must-visits. The Chateau preserves an excellent history of never belonging to the kings of France. It was passed on from the Orgemonts to Montmorencys to Le Grand Conde before finally being handed over to the Duke of Aumale, Henri d Orleans. Enough of history. If you plan a day trip to Chantilly and plan to visit the chateau, you're at the right place. Let’s dive into the castle and admire its beauty.


How to visit chateau de Chantilly


The Library

The reading room of the Duke of Aumale is an accurate depiction of his passion for books. The collection initially contains 60000 volumes, out of which only 19000 are put to display in the library. It includes 1500 manuscripts and more than 17000 printed documents. Along with this, you may also see illuminated manuscripts of medieval art. If you, too, have the love for books, there is no way you should miss this collection.


The Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The art gallery of the Chateau De Chantilly contains the most significant collections of paintings after the Louvre museum. The Duke of Aumale designed beautiful galleries to display the noble art of the old times. The Conde Museum contains the best of the whole collection. All 85 paintings depict the events of the past in an exquisite artistic way. As per the wishes of the Duke of Aumale, the layout of the arts remains the same as it was in the 19th Century.


The Large Suites

The royal suites located on the first floor are being used as the reception rooms. These large suites are decorated with exceptional furniture, master paintings, and decorative that will leave you amazed. The large suites host the Gallery of Battles, depicting 11 portraits corresponding to the victories of Grand Conde. Then we have the Prince’s bedroom. With white and gold panels and Rococo style ceiling, the bedroom is a beautiful site. The large corner room, music room, guard room, and the antechamber are worth your time.


The Private Suites

Decorated between 1844 to 1846, the private suites are located on the ground floor of the castle. These are one of the most well-preserved jewels over time. The Duke's bedroom, the Duchess’s bedroom, the Petite Lingerie, the Purple Salon, Guise Salon, and Conde Salon are beautifully decorated with paintings and engraved art.


Gardens of Chantilly

Chateau Chantilly gardens

Covering around 115 hectors of land, the gardens of Chantilly castle have undergone many changes with time and style. A blend of the large Le Notre Flowerbed, Anglo-Chinese gardens, and English gardens create a stunning viewpoint. Numerous fountains create the most beautiful combination of green and blue. The Anglo-Chinese huts and great Chantilly stables in the English gardens create a majestic view. Chantilly is a perfect day trip where history, nature, and art merge to produce a picture-perfect memory.


Day trip to Chateau de Chantilly


A day trip to Chateau de Chantilly will be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life. You can easily plan a round trip to Chambord from Paris so wait no more, go ahead and plan your trip.

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