Day trip to Chambord: Visiting the Chateau

Chateau de Chambord is one of the shinning marvels of France located in the Loire valley region a few miles to the city of Blois. It has become a world-famous monument for its distinctive French Renaissance architecture blended beautifully with traditional French medieval art and classical Renaissance architecture. Chambord Castle is the most massive chateau of the Lorie valley constructed by King Francis I of France in the 16th century. The castle was built in the time when defense became less popular, and bragging aesthetics and display of richness in the form of immense structures became more frequent. As soon as the construction of the castle was completed, Kind Francis, I invited Emperor Charles I to show the enormous display of power and wealth. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage site, the castle has numerous incredible treasures to be admired. If you plan a day trip to Chambord and plan to visit the chateau, you're at the right place.


How to visit chateau de Chambord

The Staircase


One of the fascinating structures of the castle is the double helix staircase. Built right in the middle of the castle, the DNA like structure enclosed in a lantern joins various levels of the castle. Leonardo da Vinci inspired the design.

So what’s the catch? You won’t be seeing or meeting the ones on the other side of the helix.

So Many Rooms to Adore


The chateau encompasses rooms to flaunt the fantastic architecture and deep artistic taste. A collection of 4500 decorative pieces awaits in the castle to be seen once but cherished forever. Another exciting feature of the Chambord castle is that you will find salamander engraved in the ceilings and the wall. It was believed that salamander has the power to resist flames. Don’t forget to give it a good look.

Formal French Gardens


After 16 years of extensive research and study, the grand garden of Chambord was renovated with plants that restored the original look of the garden created in the time of Louis XIV. Covering 18,874 square meters of land, these gardens are the definition of magnificence and grandeur.

Chateau de Chambord Park


Chateau de Chambord park

Get ready to roam around in a park as massive as the inner Paris. Flora and fauna of the park are a sight to see. There are so many options to explore, such as a horse ride, bike, carriage, or a car. It also offers 20 Km of the trail for those who want to explore while strolling.

Marks of Leonardo da Vinci


Chambord perspective

Francis I invited Leonardo da Vinci and declared him as “first painter, architect, and engineer of the king.” History may not officially approve the influence of Leonardo’s touch, but the fantastic central staircase, the ventilation, and the latrine systems speak for its designer.

Day trip to Chateau de Chambord


A day trip to Chateau de Chambord will be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life. You can easily plan a round trip to Chambord from Paris as it is only 2 hours away from the capital. Wait no more, go ahead and plan your trip.

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