Things to do in Chartres for the Day

If you plan a day trip to Chartres you are in the right place. In this article we have collected most beautiful places to visit in Chartres. Located 91 km southwest of Paris in the region of the Loire Valley, Chartres is a splendid depiction of the Gothic Architecture. The city is blessed with about 20 historic monuments and has so much to offer to the tourists. When we travel to a foreign town, we feel the need for a local driver-guide. It's why France day trip offers private trips to most famous tourist places in France. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 things to do in Chartres.

What to see and do in Chartres


Chartres Cathedral


Chartres Cathedral

Constructed in the 12th-century Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres is one of the finest marvels form the history of time. With exceptional Gothic and Romanesque architecture, the cathedral is on the top of the list of the must-visit places in Chartres. The exterior is filled with flying buttresses, finely carved sculptures, chiselled portals, blue stained glass windows and the cathedral labyrinth. The cathedral is a pilgrimage site since its inception. This architectural epitome is a travellers dream.

Église Saint-Pierre


Next on the list is yet another church in Chartres preserving the history of worship that dates back to the 7th century. The church has a long history the visitors may not remember that forever but they will never forget the nave and apse and the beautiful stained glass windows of the chapel.

Centre International du Vitrail


The international stained glass centre of Chartres is one of the most amazing places in this city. Stained glass is a major component of the medieval decoration. Learn about how these stained glasses are made and repaired and see the craftsmen dedicated to their jobs of preserving history.

Chartres Historic preservation area


With cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses of the street of rue des Ecuyers is one of the picturesque sites of Chartres. Lit up by the suspended lanterns, the street will take you back to the prehistoric times. Stroll in the street and thank god you didn’t miss this one.

Maison Picassiette


Maison Picassiette is one of the finest examples of naïve architecture. Built by the sweeper of the cemetery the Maison took 29000 hours to complete. The whole locality is filled with complex mosaics and striking art.

Maison du Saumon


Maison du Saumon is a tourist house in Chartres. In a hurry to book a tour? Turn around and take a good look at the exterior of the building. Built centuries ago, the four-story building is too good to be true.

Église Saint-Aignan


The church underwent turmoil over the past centuries. After facing severe destruction in the second war of religion the church became a jail and warehouse during the French Revolution. it was finally restored in the 18th century and filled with murals depicting Romanesque art.

Musée des Beaux-Arts


Like all other true cities of France, Chartres has its own museum of fine arts. The museum is filled with exquisite paintings by various French artists such as Fragonard, Soutine, Zurbaran and Camille Corot. The building holds the honour of hosting the coronation of Henri IV back in the 16th century.

Lower town along the Eure river


Get a glimpse of the medieval times by walking along the bank of the Eure river. Watermills, half-timbered houses, small bridges and beautiful kitchen gardens will let you experience a fairy tale land.

Chartres en Lumières


Chartres hosts the light festival for over a decade now. All monuments and bridges are illuminated making the city a splendid sight to see. The lights and the music are such a splendid combination. Don’t miss the light festival if you happen to be here from April till October.

Day trip to Chartres and sighteeing tours


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