Nouvelle Aquitaine Region




Nouvelle Aquitaine, the largest region of France is the fusion of three different regions of the past. In 2016 Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes were made into La Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

This region is a unique combination of history, beaches and really flavorful wine. Let’s dive into this in Nouvelle Aquitaine and know more about it.

Nouvelle Aquitaine: History and the Architecture

Sarlat la Caneda

The whole city of Bordeaux is all about art and prestigious heritage. From old medieval town like Sarlat-la-Caneda to Le Dorat Collegiate church and Bonaguil Castle, we have some amazing formal gardens such as the Marqueyssac and gardens of the Eyrignac manor house. Saint-Front cathedral of Byzantine style in Périgueux is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the true depiction of Renaissance art. The Art and archeology museums in the Périgueux, preserves artistic history that dates back to the beginning of the civilization.

Nouvelle Aquitaine: Wine and Vines

Bordeaux vineyards

Aquitaine is the largest producer of flavorsome and delicious French wine. The warm and damp climate of the region makes it an ideal and fertile or wine production. You can have the best Cabernet Sauvignon and the Semillon wines straight from the vineyards of Bordeaux. Visiting the Saint Emilion vineyards can be a very refreshing experience. You can taste the fresh wine and see how it is being made and stored. The village is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites because of the classic landscape and scrumptious wine.

Nouvelle Aquitaine: Beaches and Ultimate Watersports Experience

Dune du Pilat

Life is full of thrill for the adventurous souls in Aquitaine. Pyrenées-Atlantiques provides 4500km of streams and rivers. If you want to enjoy a vacation full of watersports, you are at the right place. Aquitaine offers white water rafting, cannoning and sailing. The white water stadium in Pau has white water route for canoes and kayaks. There are so many options that you might get confused while making a choice.

There are several firms providing guided canoeing on the river Vézère and river Baise. You can rent the canoes and explore the nearby vintage villages and cave dwelling settlements. Don’t forget to explore Saint León sur Vézère, the most beautiful village in the France. You may also be interested in the largest lake of France, Lac Carcans-Hourtin-Maubuisson. The exquisite sand dunes of the Aquitaine have several beautiful lakes that will grab your attention. Have you ever thought of surfing in the river? sounds strange!!! But that’s how things are in Aquitaine. Rivers of Dordogne, Gironde and Garonne have high waves that let you surf in them and enjoy windsurfing, waterskiing and scuba diving along with enjoying romantic walks on the beaches. You can also climb Dune du Pilat the Europe's largest sand dune.

Final Thoughts

That’s not it. To know more about it and see how this region of France continues to be different and amazing from the other regions, you have to visit it once. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is diverse and huge and offers the tourists a wide variety of fun activities and refreshing experiences. You need to see it to believe it.